Flood Defences, Hampshire for your home and business.

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Flood protection Hampshire products and services.

The weather can be an unpredictable force that shouldn't be underestimated. Flood prevention and protection against flood water is something that is becoming more and more essential in and around Reading and Hampshire.

Flood Defences is a sister company to Lakeside Flood Solutions, who are market leaders in all things flood barriers. With over 30 years experience, we can help protect your home and business using the latest technology; from temporary flood barriers to swing flood gates. Our property level protection provides flood resilience no matter the severity of the weather; we have spent over 30 years' perfecting the art of flood defence systems.

We offer a personalised service, that's response to flooding is making sure you, your home or business is safe. Our flood gates in Hampshire are designed for not only surface water flooding but flash floods and sea defences.

With flood warnings becoming more and more prominent in the media, we understand that it is important to take the appropriate measures to protect your home and business, not only on the Hampshire coast but in land near rising water and river levels.

How we can help.

Our Lakeside Flood Solutions product range is now available to buy online, making it the easiest way protect your home and business from flooding. From the initial purchase, we are here for you no matter what the circumstances to answer your flood related questions about our products. Our smaller products, for example the flood pumps, are an ideal solution for small floods in areas such as garages in Hampshire.

However, high risk areas for flooding, we suggest a flood gate or demountable flood barrier Hampshire. These are easy to install quickly and efficiently whenever it is need. For our barriers, a storing rack is also available.

Still unsure if we can help?

Why not contact a member of our team? They are waiting for your call to discuss your needs and requirements before you take the leap and buy your flood defence Hampshire online. We also provide the service to supply and install your flood doors, if you deem it to be necessary

For small areas, we recommend flood pumps, Hampshire.

Surface water pumps, or as we like to call them 'puddle suckers' are designed to drain water away from the premises. These products are great for small scale projects. Alternatively, we also supply temporary flood barriers. Check out our product range below

For a more permanent solutions, try our flood gates or barriers.

Our easy to install barriers and gates are ideal for those in high risk areas, where flooding is frequent. Check out our product range:

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