Product Code: FS


A lightweight modular system which is extremely easy and quick to deploy to control and divert water.

Quantity: 1 unit = 70.5cm W x 60cm H barrier


FloodScreen provides protection equivalent to 15 sandbags.

Walls can be built within minutes, providing rapid water flow diversion for businesses and households.

The waterproof base gasket provides a robust seal to the ground, and uses the force of the rising water to exert further downward pressure and remain in place

Quick and easy to deploy - walls built within minutes

No permanent fixtures required

Ease of storage with vertical stacking of the modular units when the system is not in use

System design uses the force applied by water or flooding to stay in place - downward pressure increases wtih the rising water

Corner units available to turn the barrier wall - both inward corner turn or outward corner turn

Unit Dimensions:

Height: 52.8cm

Depth: 68cm

Width: 70.5cm

Colour: Red

ABS plastic for durability and density

Hard wearing waterproof base gaskets

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